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Below is a list of all researchers who have contributed to this podcast with a link to their episode(s). We thank all of them for their wonderful contribution!

Johannes Abeler: Preferences for Truth-telling

Ned Augenblick: Testing Bayesian Updating

Andy Brownback: Conducting field experiments in education

Leonardo Bursztyn: Misperceived Social Norms

Anna Dreber: Replication Markets

Horacio Larreguy: Debate participation and electoral outcomes

Michel Maréchal: Civc Honesty around the Globe

Daniele Nosenzo: Preferences for Truth-telling

Sally Sadoff: Conducting field experiments in education

Anya Samek: Dynamic Inconsistency in Food Choice

Heather Schofield: Sleep Quality and Productivity

Dmitry Taubinsky: Regressive sin taxes with an application to the optimal soda tax

Bertil Tungodden: Fairness across the World

Roberto Weber: Identifying Social Norms

Noam Yuchtman: Protests as Strategic GamesMedieval universities and market expansion