Team incentives and escape rooms with Simeon Schudy

In this episode, we talk with Simeon Schudy about his working paper “The Effect of Incentives in Non-Routine Analytical Team Tasks”, co-authored with Florian Englmaier, Stefan Grimm, Dominik Grothe and David Schindler (forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy). Using a novel experimental setup, escape rooms, this paper investigates the effect of incentives on performance in non-routine analytical team tasks. The paper studies the value of incentives for both intrinsically and less intrinsically motivated teams. Further, it evaluates how incentives affect team organization and studies the impact of exogenously varying the demand for leadership in such tasks.

The following reference was also mentioned during the conversation:

Englmaier, F., Grimm, S., Grothe, D., Schindler, D., and Schudy, S. (2021): “The Efficacy of Tournaments for Non-Routine Team Tasks”, forthcoming in the Journal of Labor Economics.

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